Bouillabaisse (a slow hornpipe)

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  • Tune Database entry
  • Tune Name: Bouillabaisse

  • Tune Type: 2/4 Hornpipe

  • Composed By: DN Siegel

  • Arranged By: DN Siegel

  • Year Composed: 2004

david n. siegel
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Bouillabaisse (a slow hornpipe)

Post by david n. siegel » Sat Jul 10, 2004 2:46 pm

A trans-Euro melodic hint which I have expanded into a 4-part slow hornpipe. There was no pre-existing tune, so that's why I call my self an expander as well as an arranger. Most folks would just say "composer," but I guess it doesn't matter one way or the other if there's no preexisting music.
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1 Hornpipe2-4 Bouillabaisse.bww
Bouillabaisse (slow hornpipe)
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Bouillabaisse (a slow hornpipe)

Post by decaf » Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:03 am

This is one of those tunes that really starts to grow on me; distinctive. I initially downloaded it from Youtube with the curiously non-highland visuals :wink:
Dan Chaffee

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