let the gracenotes play their full part in the tune.

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Does this help your listening to the tunes - now you can hear the gracings better and nearer how you should be playing them?

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let the gracenotes play their full part in the tune.

Post by philamor » Tue Dec 26, 2006 3:43 pm

Guys & Gals, how many times do any of you out their who are tutors preach about opening the gracenotes so that pupils can hear them or can learn to play the gracings properly? Yet, how many time do we see the bww tunes
with gracenotes that are hardly audible?

Solution, set the gracenote duration to suit. In Bagpipe Player (bww files) go into the CONFIGURE - SET PLAY OPTIONS of any tune. Change the gracenote duration to something about 32 (my default) or so, instead of the program default of 20. This lets the gracenote be heard more within the tune and allows students to hear what is being played (you may like to set it even higher, say 38 or 40, for beginners.

Compile & save the tune as normal and these settings will always be present for this tune. Unfortunately, this setting doesn't become part of the USER DEFINED default, so this needs setting each new tune - unless anyone knows better - but the few seconds taken to change the tune into something much more realistic is worthwhile I feel.

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