The times thay are a changing!

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  • Tune Name: Would have been OK if I'd put the tune in, eh

  • Tune Type: 2/4 March

  • Composed By: Andi MacInnes

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The times thay are a changing!

Post by philamor » Sat May 01, 2004 5:03 pm

Having lived in and around the Aberfeldy/ Strathtay of area Perthshire for quite a few years in my childhood, I thought I knew the place pretty well. That was, until I visited the area on my way to Inverness a few times in the past ten years, where the road junction at Ballinluig took me quite by surprise the first time I came across it. Progress they say, I suppose so, but I like the more tranquil days, or was that just 'cause I was younger? Well, this tune came from thinking about there changes in traffic, road layouts & design, the whole thing about overloading our roads, etc. The junction at Ballinluig just got the brunt of it because it is this that keeps me remembering.

Andi :)
Seemed to have missed the tune first time round, so here it is
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