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Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 3:24 am
by smithers
Well Liam, you and I are going to have to have a chat...
where do you get this music from? It's great!

I spend a lot of time looking through files and music to try and find new influences in my composing or just to find a wicked tune to suggest to my band at the time and the stuff in that medley is a lot of what I'd be looking for.

One comment. In the area where I am exposed to bands, I'd make the comment that medley's are missing a strong 4 parted Strathspey to break up the Hornpipe, Jigs, Slow Air, Strathspeys, Reels combo. This is only what I'm looking for of course and you may think differently. I just think, you know a chunky trad Strathespey then crank back into the good new age stuff is what I'm after at the moment. Something like Caledonian Society of London is a good'n for that sorta effect.

But other than that, especially the first two Jig's of which I'll be taking a closer look at, it's a top class medley.

It all depends on who plays it tho. I mean a grd3 band could give it a crack and be ok with it and a grade 1 band could play it and make it there own. So a medley is only as good as its' players.

I'd rate it a middle of grade 1 medley personally. I just feel it needed that traditional bit in it somewhere.

Cheers Liam!

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 5:49 am
by Bagpiper_Si
I have to agree with Ben on the strathpey thing. I felt that it needed at least 4 parts of strathpeys.

But other than that, it a damn good medley.

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 10:46 pm
by Liam Kernaghan
Cheers guys :D

Anyone else?

Your Medley

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 10:44 pm
by Pipinghot
Hey buddy! Wot can i say.... i tried to do this kind of thing for my Music Advanced Higher in 6th year at school and pulled it off but never as smoothly as this, great selection of tunes, you got the changes linked pretty perfectly and it sounds real good.

As for grade i would say that a newly promoted grade 2 band would love this selection because it has what it takes to be a championship winning set. A grade 1 band could play it and make it their own without batting an eye lid.

Well done mate!!


Re: What do people think?

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 11:31 pm
by Drum Sgt & Piper
Liam Kernaghan wrote:I have made another medley for people to review, and tell me what grade it would most suit.

I have again added a "Smithers" tune at the start, because it worked well with the rest of it :D

Tell me what you think of it!

Tell me what works and what doesnt!

This whole post should be DELETED as you have NOT read the rules :

viperpiper wrote: You can only upload tunes that you have composed yourself (not arrangements, transcriptions or copies of other composers music).


Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:10 am
by Plasticpiper

You have broken a MAJOR rule here, do you not read the rules?????

Drum Sarge & Piper has been very polite in her response.

You are NOT a newbie.

Moderators try and get a grip with things here this is way beyond silly


Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 4:30 am
by ladypiper47
The download has been removed and the topic locked. Please abide by the rules.