The Battle of Glenfruin - 1603...3/4 Quick March

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  • Tune Name: The Battle of Glenfruin - 1603...3/4 Quick March

  • Tune Type: 3/4 Quick March

  • Composed By: wiliemccoll

  • Arranged By: wiliemccoll

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The Battle of Glenfruin - 1603...3/4 Quick March

Post by williemccoll » Thu Jul 02, 2020 9:25 pm

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The tragedy opened as a minor incident in the early winter of 1602. Two MacGregors, travelling from Glasgow to their home at Dunan near the head of Loch Rannoch, were benighted while passing through Colquhoun's land by Loch Lomond. Cold and hungry, they asked food and shelter at Luss and were refused. At this breach of Highland hospitality they took shelter in an empty hut, killed a sheep, and ate. Next day, Sir Alexander Colquhoun had them seized and executed, although they offered payment. No proscription against Clan Gregor was at that time in force.

GLEN FRUIN, Battle of (1603)

Following a raid on his property in 1602, Alexander Colquhoun of Luss was granted a lieutenancy by James VI to pursue Clan Gregor The following February, when warned of the MacGregors' approach, Colquhoun tried to reach the head of Glen Fruin before confronting them. But Alasdair MacGregor of Glenstrae forestalled him by leading his men from Loch Long over the watershed into the head of the glen, where he divided his forces He himself took his stance in a narrow defile while his brother remained concealed near the farm of Strone in order to cut off Colquhoun's retreat The battle took place at Strone The Colquhouns were surrounded on boggy ground which rendered their horses useless and their foot soldiers, charged by MacGregors, broke ranks and fled 120 people were killed, amongst them prisoners Government reprisals included the proscription of Clan Gregor.

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