Wee Tommy's Adventure

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Wee Tommy's Adventure

Post by philamor » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:42 am

I wrote a poem about a wee boy's first airship flight earlier this year. The wee boy, Tommy, was so excited that, despite the trials and tribulations of the maiden voyage, he fell asleep with the nervous tension and slept through the whole affair. Anyhoo, out of that came this wee tune also.

Wee Tommy’s Adventure, by Andi MacInnes

On the 13th of Septober, around half past morning light
The airship Confusion took off on its maiden flight.
Wee Tommy had been the first to board, the excitement he could not contain,
He’d saved up for ages to go on this marvellously engineered machine.

The Captain hailed the construction as the most advanced in modern creation
Before hitting the FORWARD button and praying to the gods of aviation.
A fantastic feat, it could not be denied,
The scientists, engineers and other interested parties all cried.

The guy ropes were unhooked; the motors did strain;
The spectators all gasped in amazement.
As the airship shot off like a burst water main
Through the thick morning air of excitement.

Off it went, hissing and spluttering,
Out of earth’s gaze in a moment.
Then silence did fall; the mob started muttering,
As they gazed skywards, speculating the predicament.

Then, a loud bang and a pop was heard from on high
before, on course for the ground,
The airship Confusion emerged from the clouds, all awry
hurtling in at the speed of sound.
The pilot, bemused, fought with the controls.
The onlookers by now had dispersed out of fright.
Afore the ship straightened up by the skin of its nose,
Then shot up the hanger tunnel and out of sight.
With a crash and a thunder and with smoke all arising
The first and last journey of the Confusion ended, not surprising.
Gingerly the observers came out of hiding to check;
What had started so well, was now such a wreck.

There was billowing steam and spillage of oil
Coming from the aftermath of the metallic spoil.
Most of the passengers scrambled out of the destruction,
Shaken, but non the worse from their tribulation.

Amid the wake of the shock and the sense of dismay,
From a small corner of the fuselage a voice did bay.
All assembled listened, each one on full alert,
As wee Tommy rubbed his eyes and enquired, “Are we there yet?”
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