Tune Database

Tune Name Tune Type Composed By Arranged By Year
Cameron Cairney 6/8 March David N. Siegel David N. Siegel
Cameron Iain Smith Of Cowie...2/4 Quick 2/4 Quick March williemccoll williemccoll
Captain Horne Strathspey Trad.
Catchy RE HASED 6/8 Jig L/cpl C Gerbich / PM B. Clark L/cpl C Gerbich / PM B. Clark
Chariots of Steel 2/4 March David N. Siegel David N. Siegel
Charlie Thomson 12/8 Two-Step Dr Bruce Thomson
Clan MacColls Reel 2/2 Reel williemccoll williemccoll
Clan MacColls Reel 2/2 Reel williemccoll williemccoll
Cock o' The North 6/8 March
Congress Reel, The 2/2 Reel
Corrienessan's Salute Piobaireachd Trad.
Corrienessan's Salute (long) Piobaireachd Trad.
Craigs "Jigerdee" Jig 6/8 Jig Craig Gerbich Craig Gerbich
Dance for 2sox 6/8 jig Andi MacInnes
Danny Boy 4/4 Air Trad. Dr. Charles Ballantyne
Danny Dempsey...4/4 Quick March 4/4 Quick March willieemccoll williemccoll
De'il among the Tailors, The Reel Trad.
Debka K'fitza 2/4 Debka (Line Dan David N. Siegel DN Siegel
Devil in the Kitchen, The Strathspey Trad.
Ding Dong Merrily on High 2/4 Hymn Trad.
Dolan's Ass 2/4 March PPL
Dont Take The Third Light.. 12/8 Quick 12/8 Quick March williemccoll williemccoll
Down The Teith Tae The River Forth...12/8 Slow 12/8 Slow March williemccoll williemccoll
Dr. Whitaker 2/4 hornpipe Traditional James S. Finan
Dream Valley of Glendaruel 3/4 Retreat March Traditional
Drops of Brandy 9/8 Jig Trad.
Drunken Landlady, the 2/4 Hornpipe Traditional
Earl of Errol 2/4 March
Earl Of Mansfield, The 2/4 March John McEwan
Edward Dobie Dennison...4/4 Quick March 4/4 Quick March williemccoll williemccoll
Eight Men of Moidart, The 2/4 Reel Trad.
Fair maid of barra
Farewell to Erin 2/2 Reel Traditional Duncan
Farmer's Daughter 4/4 Reel Traditional
Faugh-A-Ballagh 2/4 Quick March Trad. PPL
Fingal's Weeping 2/4 March Traditional
Finnegan's Wake 2/4 Quick March Trad.
First Noel, The 3/4 Carol Trad.
First Slip, The 2/4 Reel Trad.
Floral Dance 2/4 Morris Dance Trad. Floral Dance
Flower Of Scotland 6/8 Slow March Roy Williamson
Flowers of the Forest 2/4 Lament Traditional
for All Eternity
Foxhunters Jig, The 6/8 Jig Trad.
Galician Jig 1 6/8 Jig Trad. QIAPB
Galician Jig 2 6/8 Jig Trad.
Galway Bay CUT Reel Traditional Irish
Garb Of Auld Gaul, The 4/4 March Trad. QIAPB
Gary Owen 6/8 March K. Rose
Gathering, The 6_8 Slow Air Trad