Tune Database

Tune Name Tune Type Composed By Arranged By Year
Big Jean..... 6/8 Jig 6/8 Jig williemccoll williemccoll
Big Jean...6/8 Jig 6/8 Jig williemccoll williemccoll
Big Phil's Jig 6/8 Jig Stuart Higgins Stuart Higgins 2006
Big Stewart 6/8 Jig Sandy Johnston Sandy Johnston 2002
Big Tone 6/8 Jig Paul Fox 2004
Billy Goats Gruff 6/8 Jig Matthew Slater 2010
Billy Joes Highland Jaunt 12/8 Slow March williemccolll williemccoll 2009
Bits And Pieces 6/8 Not Sure Graeme Leitch Graeme Leitch 2007
Black Bear 2/4 March
Black Donald's March Piobaireachd Trad.
Black Haired Lass 2/2 Reel Traditional Irish
Blessing The Bar 6/8 Jig Glenn Millard
Bliss Of Ignorance 6/8 Jig Glen Melville Glen Melville 2010
Bloody December 3/4 March James S. Finan 2016
Bloody Fish 6/8 Jig B. J. McLaughlin 2005
Bloody Spots 6/8 Jig Roy Clearwater 2004
Blue MacMurchie 2/4 March Dr Bruce Thomson 2003
Bob Camerons March...4/4 Quick March 4/4 Quick March williemccoll williemccoll
Boing, Noy, Pop, Nuts 6/8 Jig Thomas Curd 2009
Bond, The 6/8 March Bruce Rankine Bruce Rankine 1994
Bonnets O'Bonnie Dundee , The 6/8 March Trad.
Bonnie Galloway 4/4 March Trad.
Bonny Water 6/8 Slow March williemccoll williemccoll
Bonny Water 6/8 Slow March williemccoll williemccoll
Bonny Woods of Stirkoke 4/4 March Traditional
Borgo Pass, The 6/8 Jig David N. Siegel David N. Siegel 2002
Borreraig 6/8 Jig David N. Siegel DN Siegel 2001
Botany Bay 6/8 March Trad. HFRS P+D
Bouillabaisse 2/4 Hornpipe DN Siegel DN Siegel 2004
Bouncing Back C Jig Graeme Leitch Graeme Leitch 2003
Bouncing off the Wall 2/4 hornpipe dan chaffee 2018
Boys of Ballymote, The 6/8 Jig Trad
Braes OF Doune Strathspey williemccoll williemccoll 2003
Brave The Scots cut c Reel Kieran Blais Kieran Blais 2007
Breakaway 4/4 Hornpipe Kane McManus 2007
Brentwood Bay 6/8 Slow March
Bretton Dance 2/4 Dance Trad.
Brianna's Delight Reel C/Sgt Mark James C/Sgt Mark James
Brianne Young 3/4 Slow Air/Waltz Callum Mathers Callum Mathers 2009
Brianne Young - Now in March and Jig Time 2/4/6 2/4 march, Jig Callum Mathers 2009
Brigadier W. D. Macnanara 9/8 March James S. Finan
Broomsticks and Candles 6/8 Jig Andrew Worrall 1988
Brose & Butter 9/8 March
Brother Joseph O'Toole of Airdrie 2/4 March Dave Mason Dave Mason 2000
Bryan Douglas 2/4 March Dr Bruce Thomson 2006
Buchanan Castle 9/8 Slow Air Dr Bruce Thomson 1998
Bundle and Go 6/8 March Trad
Burnin' Down the Mountain 2/4 Hornpipe Stuart Higgins Stuart Higgins 2004
Burnside Cottage 12/8 March Dr Bruce Thomson 2002
Bus Ride Home 4/4 Reel Graeme Leitch Graeme Leitch 2003