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You can use this site to view sheet music, download tune files, listen to midi files of tunes, upload your own compositions, request tunes from other users, and generally chat about anything bagpipe related. Click Here for general information on the site and how to use it, or click on the Forum link at the top to dive right in.

The idea of this site is for it to be a community effort - pipers helping other pipers. We would like the site to be the biggest and best repository of pipe tunes on the internet. There are lots of ways you can get involved - check this HOW TO article in the information forum for details.

We take a responsible approach to copyright. It would be easy to make thousands of copyright tunes available from this site, but we feel that this would be unfair to the composers who try to make a living from selling their work. We do not publish copyright materiel unless we have permission to do so.